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In the current era of globalization, many changes - changes that could affect the stability of economic systems, social, cultural, and intellectual changes. not only that, which has the effect of global stabilization of one of them is in the field of Entertainment. Entertainment is often called the World of entertainment or can be called with the world artist it, have a special impact in the technology era like today. not only that, many people - people assume that the level of modernization of a country, can be seen from the development of entertainment world. for that many born of an organization or a management that stand up and compete with the aim to improve the world of entertainment especially in Indonesia this. One is the Enemy DJ Productions.

Enemy DJ Productions is a DJ management which was incorporated in 2007 in Surabaya, (Indonesia). In the course of Enemy DJ PRODUCTION has undergone many changes both in management and in the artist,

At first Enemy Productions DJ Focusing only on the Management DJ (Disc Jokey) only. And after some management changes, Enemy DJ PRODUCTION begin to add movement in areas such as event organizer, DJ Equipment, MC, VJ, DJ Course, DJ Management, etc.. In 2008, production DJ enemy Previously headquartered in the District 99 building and after that, In October 2009 moved Enemy DJ Productions office where the office / base camp is headquartered in beautiful east Rungkut road block H / 6 Surabaya has a facility such as Home DJ Course & Home Recording for digital audio.

Ian Startrack is the founder of Enemy DJ Productions in 4 February 2007 and now Enemy DJ Productions has a lot talented DJ for the dance scene.
That's Why We are now Becoming more educated about dance music and is willing to give our best for the dance scene.
In addition to management Enemy DJ Production working in Course, DJ Agency, Mobile DJ, Event Organizer, Artist Management, and others related to Entertainment. DJ enemy while also production also have agreements with various sponsors and event organizers who are experts in their field.

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